About me

My name is Maria Meester, and I live and work in Enkhuizen. My passion for painting began at a young age. Around the age of twelve, I started creating abstract drawings with a fountain pen, consisting of sheets filled with millimeter-sized circles interconnected. A few years later, I experimented with poster paint, applying numerous dots on a hardboard until it was completely filled.

Afterward, I pursued various drawing and painting courses and quickly fell in love with abstract painting. I have since exhibited my art in solo and group shows, locally displayed in galleries, cafes, churches, and public spaces. I also take part in open studio events.

Abstract art provides me with the freedom to express my thoughts and feelings in my own way. I also draw inspiration from clouds, nature, and the vibrant colors of flowers. My preferred painting media are acrylic and oil paints, and I enjoy experimenting with them. My paintings consist of multiple layers, with previous layers occasionally emerging in seemingly random places, adding contrasting color accents. My painting style is intuitive and characterized by intense colors and spontaneity.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions; I’m here to answer them all.

Thank you for your interest, and I hope you find enjoyment in my artwork.

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