About me

Abstract painting gives me the freedom to express myself any way I want.
I paint intuitively, using vibrant colors and erratic, organic shapes.
The hue I choose greatly depends on my mood and taste —hence the abundance of purples.
The natural world, the ocean, the flowers, and the clouds are all things that capture my eye and provide inspiration.
My preferred mediums are oil and acrylic paint, which I often use with fluid strokes and other times with buttery thick ones.
Colors are my favourite part; they inspire me and bring me joy. In many of my works, there are several levels, with bottom layers that appear random and are occasionally still visible.
I prefer to employ textures in the base layers that appear organic and natural.

Locally, I have displayed my artwork at galleries, cafes, churches, and public buildings.
I also participate in neighborhood open studio events.

Sending my work to customers around the world is very exciting.
Homes in the Netherlands, the United States, Great Britain, Greece, Canada, France and Cyprus can be found with my art in them.

My original paintings are always works of passion. They have all been varnished, painted with high-quality paint, and are ready to hang.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions; I’ll be happy to respond to them all.

I appreciate your interest and hope you enjoy my work.

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